Funkenwerkstatt offers the opportunity to express creativity, seek inspiration and inform people.

 ( Funkenwerkstatt is a platform to inspire people. It gives you an creative view behind sustainable Projects all around the world. The Magazine is focused on three main topics Humans, Culture, Nature. Humans is all about social Projects. Culture based on the art of creating things and finally Nature, which is mainly focused on conservation Projects.  . We selected the Projects Summer is coming, time to get out the backpacks, guitars and good vibes. Together we want to start travelling again, out to world’s beauty and people. In our own camper van, Funkenwerkstatt is going on the road to Asia. Always looking for interesting projects and people, we want to offer a place to grasp the ideas that move people. Check out the magazine and join our aspiration of spotting the causes that people unite during times of separation.
Take part in our experience of nature, people and life.