Funkenwerkstatt offers the opportunity to express creativity, seek inspiration and inform people.

 Funkenwerkstatt is a platform to inspire people. It gives a creative view behind sustainable projects all around the world.
The magazine highlights projects of the three topics Humans, Culture and Nature. Humans is about social projects,  Culture is based on the art of creating things and finally, Nature focuses on projects about and for the environment. With Funkenwerkstatt we want to support non-commercial and small projects to raise awareness of those who create sustainable lifestyles in a changing world.

Hey lovely people,

We are proud to present you our first article of Funkenwerkstatt. In the last months we started our work from Freiburg. We met so many wonderful people, got to know their projects, helped, learned a lot, expanded our network, rebuilt and developed ourselves. Towards the end of last year, we came across Zusammen leben e.V., a wonderful association that brings together the three main aspects that we want to highlight in our magazine in three projects. The work of zusammen leben has inspired us, just have a look at the Strandcafe or in the Gemeinschaftsgarten in Vauban and join us.
We thank all those who have always supported us and hope for your support in the further development of our magazine.


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